Holiday Food Basket Project

Project Statistics2002-2020

In its mission to fight hunger insecurity in Concord and the surrounding 17 communities over the past four decades, the CRFP has distributed more than 3,200 tons of food through its Holiday Food Basket (HFBP) and Year-Round Distribution Projects (YRDP).

The Holiday Food Basket Project was established in 1974 to help those in need during the holiday season. Each year, over 70 tons of food is distributed, providing a holiday meal and additional items to supplement meals for two to three weeks, to those in need.

Food to fill the baskets for the Holiday Food Basket project is purchased with Capital Region Food Program donated funds, as well as through community food drives. Since 1983, this program is coordinated in collaboration with the NH Armory National Guard as our distribution center.

For more information on ways that you can assist the Capital Region Food Program’s Holiday Food Basket Project, please email